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An English Summer

I’m not going to say too much about my visit home as I’ve got a lot more Australia posts to do, but I thought I’d put up some photos from my Instagram feed. I spent most of my time socialising with family and friends in Oxford, London and the Cotswolds, and re-lived my uni days with a fair amount of partying! I also baked brownies and mince pies (my own version of ‘Christmas in July’), enjoyed a couple of BBQs and took my youngest sister to Henley Regatta.

IMG_20150614_180709 (2) IMG_20150618_223416 (2) IMG_20150627_142609 (2) IMG_20150627_182154 (2) IMG_20150627_210400 (2) IMG_20150628_200526 (2) IMG_20150630_173535 (2) IMG_20150701_213753 (2) IMG_20150701_222350 (2) IMG_20150702_203143 (2) IMG_20150705_005500 (2)

I clearly brought the sun with me as it was a scorching fortnight – perfect Pimms weather. All too quickly I was back on a plane, and returning to Australia.

Next up, skiing!

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