Vivid Sydney: The Rocks

If you’re short on time, the Rocks is the best place to visit in order to sample Vivid Sydney (see my previous post). The Museum of Contemporary Art possibly had the best projections in the city, with the light technicians taking inspiration from the artworks inside the museum. There was also an excellent view of Circular Quay and the Opera House, which I shall cover in my next post. Most of the projections in Vivid had some kind of background music (which one of my friends helped arrange, coincidentally!) but it was too noisy to hear due to all the visitors.

P1060684 P1060685 P1060686 P1060688 P1060690 P1070002 P1070003 P1070005

There were a lot of smaller installations around the rest of the Rocks:

P1070001 P1060676 P1060671 P1060670 P1060680 P1060678 P1060977 P1060692 P1070011 P1070013 P1070016 P1070017 P1070006 P1070008 P1070009 P1070010 P1070018 P1070023

This was just one small area of the city, and it was easy to see why the event pulled in a lot of tourists. I was impressed by the Christmas projections, but Vivid took everything to a new level. My next Vivid post will be on two iconic Sydney buildings: the Opera House and Customs House.

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