Vivid Sydney: The CBD

In the UK, we have Christmas to bring us some festive cheer when it’s cold and dark. People in the southern hemisphere don’t get that. We have to look elsewhere for something to keep the spirits up, and that brings us to Vivid.

Vivid Sydney is one of the highlights of the city’s winter season, and is best described as an outdoor annual lighting festival with immersive installations throughout the city.┬áThe festival lasts a couple of weeks, and I was lucky enough to have a prime view of the CBD during this time. Every night, I was able to watch the changing colours of the Harbour Bridge and the skyscrapers from my flat. Little coloured boats floated around in the foreground.

P1060606 P1060610 P1060611 P1060643 P1060974 P1060983

The fluorescent bridge didn’t show up in photographs as clearly as the building projections, but it was pretty striking in real life:

P1060598 P1060723 P1060957

I have a lot of photos from Vivid, and I’m going to break it down into several shorter posts, focusing on different geographical areas. Stay tuned!

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