Vivid Sydney: Circular Quay

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Rocks were the best place to visit for an all-round Vivid experience. However, Circular Quay also had some excellent projections. I was particularly taken with those on Customs House:

Jacaranda trees – a sure sign of spring in Sydney!

P1060961 P1060963 P1060964 P1060965 P1060966 P1060968 P1060973

The Opera House projections, although depicted on all promotional material for Vivid, were a bit underwhelming compared to Customs House. The light projections weren’t as clear-cut, perhaps due to the curved nature of the architecture. I still got some fun photos, though:

P1060995 P1060992 P1060989 P1060988 P1060987 P1060985 P1060984 P1060662 P1060658 P1060656 P1060655 P1060650 P1060631 P1060624 P1060619 P1060617

One more post on Vivid coming up!

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