Kata Tjuta

I am getting further and further behind on blog posts! But I’ll try and continue on in chronological order…

After our visit to Uluru, we continued on to Kata Tjuta (also known as the Olgas). Whilst not as famous, the rock formation here was arguably more interesting to walk around. Our trail had the romantic name of ‘Valley of the Winds’. This walk took most of the afternoon, and brought us past interesting geological formations and a rather striking spinifex pigeon. I was reminded of my Petra walk up to the Monastery in Jordan.

P1060263 P1060268 P1060269 P1060273 P1060279 P1060283 P1060286 P1060288 P1060299 P1060303 P1060326 P1060330

We returned to the campsite as the sun was going down, driving past some wild camels on our way, and got into our swags. Sleeping under the stars by the fire felt a bit like something out of a Hobbit movie!

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