Coober Pedy

I awoke with a crick in my neck, and we piled into the minibus for the long drive to our next destination: Coober Pedy.

We left the campsite early.

P1060447 P1060448 P1060450

We spent the whole day passing through Australian desert, with a rest break at the state border between the Northern Territory and South Australia.

P1060454 P1060456 P1060458

We finally reached Coober Pedy as dusk fell, a town known both for its opal mines and its underground dwellings. I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect from the latter, but (perhaps childishly) imagined there to be entire streets and roads underground. It turned out that my imagination had been running a little too wild, but lots of the houses were built into the side of the hill. Our accommodation seemed like a cross between a hobbit hole and a Hunger Games-style dystopian bunker.

P1060521 P1060523 P1060465 P1060466 P1060467 P1060464

The landscape was a bit lunar and reminded me of a certain Wallace and Gromit movie.

P1060470 P1060473 P1060474 P1060476 P1060477

We ate out for dinner at a pizzeria, before going to Josephine’s Gallery and Kangaroo Orphanage. Here we had a go at playing the didgeridoo and met some kangaroos, including a little  joey called Marcus. Thanks to Jessica for the following photos!

10429369_10205769125760798_6619274619685887922_n 11020744_10205769135001029_1355005977870216009_n 11100961_10205768091574944_2011650912972350743_n 11148706_10205768066694322_8380935305904919929_n P1050103

After a trip to the pub, we headed back to the bunker for some refreshing sleep on an actual bed. (Bear in mind we’d been doing a lot of camping lately!) The advantages of sleeping underground became somewhat obvious. The desert night gets extremely cold, and the daytime extremely hot, but the underground rooms stayed fairly stable in temperature.

P1060487 P1060493 P1060497

The following morning, we made one more visit before hitting the road again – this time to the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum. We were shown an example of an underground family home and had a go at mining for opal. I also caved and bought some jewellery…

P1060504 P1060506 P1060507 P1060508 P1060516

We then continued with our drive south.

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