Adelaide, and the End of the Road

Our drive south took us past several salt lakes, including Lake Hart. We stopped here for lunch and ran down to watch the train go past the lake.

P1060532 P1060554 P1060556

We still had a lot more driving to do before reaching our final campsite, but did stop to take a picture of this wild emu:


Eventually we reached our campsite. It was bitterly cold this far south – six degrees! – and we were incredibly relieved to find that there was some basic indoor accommodation, with heaters…

Here we are enjoying a meal of kangaroo mince:


The next day we went for a short walk through Alligator Gorge in Mount Remarkable National Park, filled with beautiful white cypress pine.


At this point my camera broke. Fortunately, Jessica gave me some of her pictures from the walk:

11159535_10205768072414465_1267408880871690346_n 11203097_10205768069254386_722891220021424899_n

I also took some pictures on my phone, though the quality was not as good:

20150420_092029 20150420_092309 20150420_092719

Our final stop before Adelaide was Hancock’s Lookout, which provided a great view of the surrounding hills.

20150420_102030 20150420_102106 20150420_103516

Checking into an Adelaide youth hostel seemed like total luxury compared to camping. Alina, Jessica and I went out for a couple of celebratory post-tour drinks! Unfortunately I didn’t really get many pictures of Adelaide, as I had to fly straight back to Sydney the following morning. I will probably return, however…


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