Here’s the one you’ve all  been waiting for…

The iconic Uluru…

Before reaching Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock), I wondered whether it could ever live up to its reputation. The more hyped up a destination, the harder it is to meet one’s expectations, and Uluru – along with the Great Barrier Reef – has to be the most hyped attraction in Australia.

However, I’m pleased to say that it did not underwhelm. It really is as big and striking as it looks in the photographs. We were not terribly lucky with the weather, but I still managed to get some decent shots.


Tricked you! That’s not Uluru, but Mount Conner (or Attila as it is also known). It is often confused with Uluru as you can see it on the road from Alice Springs.

Anyway, here’s the real thing:

P1060236 P1060378 P1060397

We walked all the way around the base (10km), but did not climb the Rock. The Aboriginal owners ask that travellers do not do so, partly as the route is of spiritual significance to the local people, but also as it is dangerous. People have died climbing the Rock. As it was, we passed several sacred sites, at which it was requested that we did not take photographs. Here are the photos I was allowed to take:

P1060182 P1060186 P1060197 P1060203 P1060206 P1060344 P1060336 P1060339

We were fortunate to have a break in the clouds when we went to watch sunset at the Rock. The best photos are those at the top of this post, but I’m also very fond of these ones!

P1060360 P1060365

We then went back to our swags and cooked marshmallows over the fire. Creepy-crawlies were in attendance…

P1060418 P1060421 P1060423 P1060408 P1060416

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