Kings Canyon

The next few posts are going to be photo-dominated, partly because I am falling so far behind on blogging and partly because there’s only so many times I can say ‘we saw stunning views’…

Our first hike in Central Australia was the 5.5km loop around Kings Canyon. We got there for sunrise as the track could potentially get too hot later in the day. It also provided the opportunity for some artistic shots.

P1060008 P1060017 P1060021 P1060026 P1060027 P1060035 P1060050

Here’s our guide, Dan. He was incredible at spotting wildlife and very knowledgeable about Aboriginal culture.

P1060053 P1060061 P1060064

The rock around the canyon had a lot of ancient fossils.

P1060070 P1060081 P1060082

One of my favourite bits of the walk was a deep gully called ‘the Garden of Eden’. The sandstone of Kings Canyon soaks up the rain like a giant sponge, and the moisture turns this gully into a lush oasis.

P1060110 P1060114 P1060115 P1060119

By this stage we’d reached the halfway point around the walk, and gained some good views into the canyon itself. Bush plums were scattered around on the ground, and we saw a ring-tailed dragon sunbathing on a rock. The landscape looked a bit Martian, and was reminiscent of Wadi Rum.

P1060132 P1060139 P1060144 P1060157 P1060163 P1060170

Our walking wasn’t over for the day, as our next stop was Uluru…

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