Motorcar Falls

We drove deep into Kakadu on the third morning of my first tour from Darwin. The temperature¬†was heating up, and we had about an hour’s walk to reach our destination: Motorcar Falls. This was Australia as you see it in documentaries – reddish rock escarpments, gum trees, blue sky…

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Our efforts were rewarded when we reached the end of the track. Motorcar Falls was a picturesque spot for a swim, and we spent a happy hour jumping in, swimming up to the waterfall, and sunbathing on rocks like the Lorelei.

P1050523 P1050514 P1050519 P1050522 P1050525

Thanks to Mona for this GoPro shot:

Mona 1

Eventually it was time to walk back down the track and drive out of the national park. We stopped off at a service station on our return journey, where I met this little guy:


After a few hours driving we arrived in Darwin, and my first tour officially ended. Our group decided to celebrate a successful few days and went for a meal with our guide, Rick. The AFL game (Aussie Rules football) on the TV was a bit of a distraction, but eventually we did hit the dance floor! Thanks again to Mona for this snap of us.

Mona 2

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