Kakadu Aboriginal Art

We passed wallaby roadkill and a wild pig along the dusty roads from Mary River. Our next stop was the Mamukala Wetlands, and a rather ominous sign greeted us at the entry.


No crocodiles were spotted near the path, and the wetlands were remarkably quiet. But who knows what was lurking in the undergrowth…

P1050342 P1050343 P1050348

We then continued further into the National Park. Kakadu was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for both its natural and cultural value, and we found some incredibly old Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr.

Rainbow Serpent
A warning to Aboriginal people of Miyamiya, a sickness you can contract at some sacred sites. NB Kakadu has a number of uranium deposits…
Depiction of the now-extinct Tasmanian Tiger
The Aboriginal version of the Kama Sutra

P1050362 P1050369 P1050370 P1050384

Nadab Lookout provided some fantastic views over the wetlands and into rocky Arnhem Land.

P1050415 P1050390 P1050400 P1050402 P1050406 P1050404

Here’s me and my tentmate Maria!


Eventually we set off to our campsite at Cooinda, passing through several fords.

P1050422 P1050427 P1050460

After having dinner and watching the cane toads at the campsite, we walked to a nearby airfield in order to observe the sunset. It should be noted now that the sunsets in the Northern Territory were some of the best I have ever seen, and there’ll be more photos to come in the next few posts! Here are my three favourites from Cooinda:

P1050429 P1050447 P1050449

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