Crocodiles On The Mary River

My second day on this trip was my favourite and I’m going to split it into two posts, starting with my boat trip on the Mary River.

We left our campsite at around 6.30am to head for Rock Hole Billabong, and saw some quintessential Aussie wildlife even before jumping aboard.

P1050210 P1050214 P1050331 P1050224

 The water was full of lotus flowers and lilies, and we tried eating some of the nutty-tasting seeds. (Yep, that’s a seed pod above.)

It sounds very cheesy, but it was here I fell in love with the tropics. A new species of wildlife revealed itself every minute: white bellied sea eagles, egrets, magpie geese, tree termite mounds… Even before seeing any crocodiles, I was ecstatic. Not to mention the river itself, which was STUNNING – and I’ve mentioned before that I love being around water.

Anyway, this post is one of those where I let the photos do the talking:

P1050218 P1050232 P1050234 P1050235 P1050237 P1050243 P1050269 P1050271 P1050281 P1050296 P1050301 P1050304 P1050308 P1050309 P1050312 P1050313 P1050314 P1050319 P1050324 P1050328 P1050335

Oh, and we did see some crocodiles.

Lots of crocodiles.

P1050249 P1050254 P1050286 P1050293

Next stop, Ubirr…

3 thoughts on “Crocodiles On The Mary River”

  1. Have just started looking at your blogs from the Top End. Such beautiful photos and interesting descriptions. Glad you didn’t get too close to the Salties – I find them very scary! Also glad you enjoyed Darwin. Would love to go back there xx

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