Collaroy Beach

Happy Easter, everyone! I started off today with some yoga, then went to a service at Christ Church St Laurence. Bianca and her family had kindly invited me to join them for Easter lunch, and this was the most amazing meal I have had in AGES. I’m now just chilling in my room (literally, the temperature here has nose-dived) and tying up the last few loose ends on my blog.

Term finished earlier this week, and I have been:

1) To the cinema with Amy in order to see ‘The Duff’. Lots of popcorn and laughs were had. We then went for post-movie burgers.

2) For a night out in The Rocks at Löwenbräu Keller (a Bavarian-style beer hall) and the Orient Hotel.

(N.B. Australian pubs are called ‘hotels’, don’t ask me why)

3) For drinks in Darling Harbour. I met Laura and Mieko at the Brazilian restaurant ‘Braza’.

Laura 3
Thanks to Laura for this photo

4) For a beach day at the wonderful Collaroy Beach. On a weekend when other beaches (ahem, Manly) were absolutely rammed, Collaroy looked like this:

P1040915 P1040916 P1040922 P1040924 P1040928

In case you’re wondering about the fleece, I’d just been swimming! I went to Collaroy with Laura, who took these classic photos:

Laura 2 Laura

Anyway, that’s probably enough beach pics for one night. I’m hoping to fit in one more blog post before I go on my BIG EASTER ADVENTURE. Stay tuned.

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