Sydney Sand Sculptures

One hot Sunday afternoon, I made my way out to Bella Vista Farm Park – in order to see the Sydney Hills International Sand Sculpting Exhibition!

Think sand castles on steroids. Think big. Think SANDSATIONAL.


(Sorry, couldn’t resist getting the pun in somewhere)

As you can see, the theme was Disney Pixar.

P1040442 P1040443 P1040444 P1040447 P1040448 P1040450 P1040452 P1040454 P1040463 P1040466 P1040467 P1040470

The sculptures are made entirely from sand, although apparently it is of the ‘brickies’ type rather than that which you might find on the beach. They are sprayed with a biodegradable spray which gives them a water resistant coating, and a resident sculptor maintains them throughout the event period. Nonetheless, over time the sculptures still get eroded by wind and rain. For this reason they are bulldozed at the end of the event, and the sand is stored for next year.

P1040441 P1040445

It’s therefore worth noting that this exhibition only exists for a couple of weeks per year. However, there are similar events happening throughout Australia, so I recommend checking here to see what’s on.

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