Palm Beach (AKA Summer Bay)

Attention Home and Away fans! A couple of weeks ago I visited Palm Beach, Sydney’s northernmost stretch of sand, which doubles as Summer Bay in the popular TV series Home and Away.

Summer Bay
Photo credit: http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2012-10-02/melissa-george-and-the-actors-who-went-from-summer-bay-to-superstardom

You can see on the map that Palm Beach is actually a fair way along the coast. It took me over an hour to get there on the bus. The route went past Newport, from where I went sailing earlier this term (not on the open sea, but on the Pittwater estuary).

Palm Beach

After the long bus journey, I decided to stretch my legs by walking barefoot along the beach and up to the dramatic lighthouse on Barrenjoey Head. The sand was almost the colour of a digestive biscuit.

P1040578 P1040584 P1040588 P1040590

I crossed over onto the estuary side of the peninsula…

P1040587 P1040593 P1040595

…and continued up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse via Smugglers Track.

P1040598 P1040599 P1040600 P1040602 P1040617

From the top you could see that the peninsula was incredibly narrow. There was a good view of Pittwater, though it was a lot rainier when I went sailing there.

P1040604 P1040612 P1040614

Here’s the view looking north towards the Central Coast.


There’s not a huge amount to do in Palm Beach (unless, of course, you want to do one of the Home and Away tours), but this walk was perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Sydney is absolutely spoiled for choice with beaches. However, I reckon Palm Beach could be one of the best.


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