Chinese New Year

On 22nd February, I went to see one of the many parades featuring on Sydney’s calendar: the Twilight Parade from Town Hall to Chinatown. This was to celebrate the start of the Year of the Sheep.

I went to the parade with some girls I know from a Sydney au pairs’ group. (No, I’m not an au pair, but it’s been a good way of meeting people in Sydney!)

Photo credit: Elizabeth Mendoza

Fireworks were let off in the street to signify the start of the parade, and then we were treated to a host of dancers, bands and floats. The crowds were huge, but fortunately we found some crates on which to stand. This was just as well given my diminutive stature… The photos I took were blurred as the parade was moving so fast, but hopefully will convey something of the experience.

P1040660 P1040662 P1040664 P1040666 P1040671 P1040684 P1040688 P1040690 P1040698 P1040704

After the parade, Rachel and I went to Dawes Point in order to see the Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors. The setting was particularly good, since you could see both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

P1040713 P1040715 P1040716 P1040720 P1040722

It’s a short post today, but I’m busy wrapping up loose ends before I start on my next big Australian adventure. All will be revealed over Easter…

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