Jordan Round-Up

The next chapter in my blog – Australia! – is currently under construction, but I want to round off a few things about Jordan first. 

We spent our last night at a very fancy rooftop cocktail bar.


Eventually, it was time to say goodbye to the house.

At midnight on September 1st, I began the mammoth journey back to the UK, taking two different flights through the night and arriving at 9am. 
I then had to get the underground to Marylebone, and then the train back to Oxfordshire. Note to self: Make sure the self-service ticket machine gives you the complete set of tickets for which you ask. On this particular journey, I had to use all my charm on the ticket officer to let me through the barrier after finding I was one coupon short (and yes, I am 100% sure I didn’t lose it!).

Then it was back to the airport – this time, Heathrow.

Next stop, Australia!

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