Tala Bay: The Tale Of A Ghost Town

Imagine a beach resort filled with apartments and swimming pools. Maybe it’s your idea of heaven (or hell, if you don’t like busy holiday resorts full of tourists). Now imagine that you are the only one staying in the resort.
That was the situation we found ourselves in at Tala Bay, on the edge of the Red Sea. I don’t know why it was so quiet, but there was no-one in the huge swimming pools. The pool bar was empty. The private resort beach was full of empty sun-loungers. It was like a ghost town.
As well as being very safe and secure, Tala Bay looked extremely classy (apparently the Jordanian Royal Family owns some resort apartments). We managed to rent an apartment there for the weekend through the friend of a friend, not being the resort’s typical clientele. Despite its prettiness, the resort also felt a little sterile, perhaps because we seemed to be the only ones there. I’m not going to complain though – it was a great place in which to take a holiday and relax!
There was another fantastic sunset on the drive down.

The resort was beautifully lit up.

We arrived late on Thursday night after a five-hour bus journey. It was extremely hot in the Aqaba region compared to Amman, and therefore the pools were still a very comfortable temperature (despite it being late at night). Therefore it was time for a swim! The pool lights changed colour every so often.


Our apartment had a beautiful balcony, looking out over the Tala Bay marina and Eilat (an Israeli resort on the far side of the Red Sea). We didn’t spend much time in the flat, however. During the day, we wandered around the pools in the resort, went snorkelling on the beach, and I went on a boat trip to some of the Red Sea reefs.

This was the view from our flat.

Apartment or hobbit hole?

The deserted beach…

The marina lighthouse.

The boat trip to the reefs, and the snorkelling in general at the Red Sea, was an absolute eye-opener. I literally can’t state this enough. I hired an underwater camera especially for the trip, and it was totally, totally worth it – I am going to dedicate the next two posts to the photos I took!

As a side visit, we passed by Aqaba’s giant flagpole. This is the tallest one in Jordan (although it is only one metre taller than the one in Amman).

Anyway, I have a lot of Red Sea photos to start uploading… I’ll put them up as soon as I can.

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