Red Sea Reefs: Part II

After the amazing boat trip, I was worried that the beach at Tala Bay might be something of a let-down for snorkelling. Having negotiated a really good rate for my equipment from the local hire shop (my first proper haggling success! Having only been in Jordan 7 weeks…), I set off into the watery depths. My fears proved unfounded, as, althoguh the coral was not as pretty or extensive, there was plenty of sea liife. Furthermore, I’d now thoroughly got to grips with the camera, so the photographs were better.
There is a fish in this first photo… look carefully.

Hopefully these fish are a tad more obvious.

That blue swirly fish is REAL.


Funky fish.

Coral <3

This fella looks a little surly.

Go-Faster Stripes.

I can see you….

We had Dory earlier. Here is Nemo!

The reef had an astonishingly wide range of colours and shapes.

And just to prove I didn’t pluck these photos off the internet…


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