Dancing in Amman

Short post tonight as I need to pack for Aqaba, but I wanted to write about two separate dance events I’ve seen in Amman this week.
The first dance event we went to was an informal breakdance performance outside the Roman Theatre on Friday night. The choreographed performance was fun to watch, but the interesting bit of the evening was the impromptu dancing of the audience afterwards! The Jordanians got massively into it, so there was a pretty cool atmosphere.

However, the other dance performance we attended was more my style. It was pretty formal, in the concert hall of the Royal Cultural Palace (at the Al-Hussein Youth City, which I’ve mentioned previously). I’ve missed being in concert halls the last few months, so felt right at home there!

The performance itself, “Dance Freedom!” by name, was part of the Hakaya Festival, and featured a group called the El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe. They were really excellent – I hadn’t seen such good dancing in a while.

They were also a riot of colour!

Right, now I really have to go pack. More updates coming soon.

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