A Reminder

Here are some pictures from the event for refugee children from Mosul, which I wrote about in my previous post. Many thanks to Nicole for sending them.

As mentioned previously, I was initially uncertain about taking or publicising photos of the people at this event. I was concerned that they might view it as disrespectful in some way, especially given my position as a Westerner. However, the children actually asked to have photos taken with us, and so I felt reassured on this point. I also felt that people in the UK should be reminded of the very real impact that the conflict in Iraq and Syria is having on ordinary families.

The refugees were living in a church hall, which was sectioned off with boards into areas for each family.

The children were entertained with dancing, party games, face painting, and a clown. We also distributed sweets and milkshakes.

The children played Musical Chairs (amongst other games).

I guess the point of this post to people at home is: don’t forget. Don’t forget that, outside of the UK’s internal debates (Indyref, anyone?), there’s a hell of a lot more going on.

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