10 Things I Will Miss About Jordan

I have 48 hours left in Jordan. I’m looking forward to moving on and discovering new places, and I’m THRILLED to be going home for a few days and seeing friends and family, but there’s a lot I’m going to miss about this country – the sounds, the sights, the characters. Here are the ten things I love most about Jordan.

1)  How people put their hands on their hearts when thanking you for something.

2)  The gas van’s jingle. Even though they play it around our block at an ungodly hour in the morning.

3)  The call to prayer. It makes walking home from work a lot more  atmospheric!

4)  Jordanian dinners – and the food in general.

5)  The sunsets.


6)  ‘Welcome! Welcome to Jordan!’ on every street corner.

7)  The shouting/singing in the souq – and the fruit! Prickly pears, pomegranates, and giant-sized water-melon.


8)  The DVD shop selling anything and everything.

9) This song being blasted out the car windows.

10) The cool people we’ve met from Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Palestine, and (of course) Jordan.

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