Ruins and Rice

We have some really awesome weekend trips lined up. The highlight of this month is going to be a weekend away at Wadi Rum and Petra, and maybe a camel ride thrown in for good measure! but there’s a bit of a wait until we can pretend to be Indiana Jones, as we’re not going for another fortnight. Until then we have loads of day trips planned, including a gorgewalk up Jordan’s answer to the Grand Canyon.
However, last weekend was a little quieter, since on Friday we were invited to lunch at the home of a really sweet Jordanian couple near our flat, and then on Saturday we were invited to go to Sara, a seafood restaurant, with colleagues. Both meals were top-notch with a decent quantity of food too. I can’t wait to try the Jordanian national dish, mansaf, which is rice, yoghurt and lamb. Apparently in Bedouin culture you are meant to eat it in your fingers. I reckon this could get a bit messy.
We also had a bit of culture with a trip to the Citadel and National Archaeological Museum. I’m a bit of a ruins geek so went into photographic overdrive, but here are some of the best.
This was the view from the Citadel. The site is on the highest hill in Amman.

This is the Temple of Hercules with the hand of Hercules in the foreground. It looks a bit like he’s buried alive.

So arty.

These are the ruins of a Byzantine Basilica.

The Umayyad Palace, dating from AD720. Partially reconstructed (obviously).

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