Mount Nebo

I’ve decided to split up this weekend into three posts since it’s been so busy. We went to the Madaba mosaics, Mount Nebo and Jerash. All of them were great in different ways and I took a ton of photos. However, I’m going to do the first post on Mount Nebo because it’s so iconic.
For those who aren’t quite up to scratch on their Old Testament (myself included), a brief explanation: Mount Nebo is where Moses is said to have seen the Promised Land, and to have died, allegedly aged 120. My Lonely Planet guidebook, a Bible of its own sort, describes Mount Nebo as commanding “sweeping views of the ancient lands of Gilead, Judah, Jericho and the Negev”. This includes the Dead Sea, and on clear days it is apparently possible to make out Jerusalem.
Unfortunately this wasn’t the case for us, but we still got some pretty awesome views. We spent the morning in Madaba, and then got a taxi for Mount Nebo. There was a short walk up to the Moses Memorial Church, passing this memorial stone.

Sadly the church was closed for renovation, but it still made a great viewpoint.

The Promised Land.

Surveying the Promised Land.

We then found our taxi driver again, who drove us back to Madaba bus station.¬†On arrival, the taxi driver effectively decided to re-negotiate his fees, despite having agreed to a fixed rate before the excursion. It suffices to say that we ended up paying slightly more than the initial price due to the imminent departure of the Amman bus, and – crucially – that we needed him to open the taxi doors. Feeling a slight sting of injustice at the driver’s wilful misunderstanding, we hopped on the bus home to Amman.
However, despite being ripped off by the taxi driver, Mount Nebo was definitely worth the trip. Apart from the great view, there was a decent little museum and some mosaics to keep us busy. My next post will be on the Madaba mosaics themselves, as soon as I have had the time to upload all my photographs!

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