Kitty in the City!

A few (well, a couple of) people have asked me to do a blog about my travels, and so I’ve decided to indulge my (hopefully appreciative) audience – starting with a blog series about Amman. I haven’t really done much writing since Finals, so hopefully I haven’t forgotten how to spell onomatopoeia or an equally crucial such word.
It’s been a very busy start to my stay in the city, and my next post will describe some of the things I’ve been doing, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words (agh, resorting to clichés already!). So here are a few:
This is Rainbow Street, Amman’s most famous street. It has some lovely cafes including the fabulously named Stars Cave.
This is the Roman theatre and forum.
This is the view from the top of the theatre.
This is the theatre at night (sorry for the poor quality!).
This is the Nymphaeum.
This last photo is from a concert we went to on my first proper evening here.

That’s all for now! مع السلامة

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