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Despite the fact that my blog posts mainly concern our travels around Jordan, we do actually spend 5/7 days a week in Amman. So, before I get onto this weekend, I’m going to talk a little bit about our favourite haunts in the city.
Rainbow Street. I mentioned this in my very first post, and it has definitely stood the test of time. It’s a great place to go if you want falafel or a drink, with quite the café culture, but it is perhaps slightly pricier than Downtown.
Downtown. Plenty of shops selling clothes, food and souvenirs, and the best place to go if you want dinner. Most people here are big fans of Hashem’s for its yummy hummus and cheap prices, but Jafra is my favourite restaurant.

We buy our fruit from the souq in Downtown.


Meals out in Downtown. Spot the smiley face!

The Office. We do work sometimes! My department definitely doesn’t skimp on aircon, so it’s pretty comfortable.
Bus Stations. Whilst I don’t exactly enjoying hanging out at bus stations, we have spent quite a lot of time in them when visiting places around Jordan. There is no fixed departure time – buses leave when the seats are full, and you can’t really tell when the last bus of the day will be.
Wild Jordan. This multipurpose building, a gift from America to Jordan, hosts the Jordanian RSCN (Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature). You can go to the café, attend lectures, and go on Wild Jordan tours to nearby nature attractions. The café has a terrace, which gives spectacular views of Amman.
We attended three lectures at Wild Jordan in a series on Jordanian refugee camps, ‘Echoing Borders’. These lectures were seriously intellectual:
  1. Refugee Migration Policies in Jordan: Legal Framework, by Samar Muhareb
  2. The Spatial Shock of the Palestine Refugee Camp and its Agency, by Samar Maqusi
  3. The Physicality of Displacement – ‘A Place of Impossible Space’, by George Katodrytis
Despite the fact that words like autopoiesis were being thrown into conversation, I did actually go home knowing a hell of a lot more about the topic.

Garden Street. We went for Syrian ice cream at this restaurant – 
I’m super tired today, as I haven’t got up later than 7.15am for the last 4 weeks and was out late last night at Rainbow Street. Fortunately an early night is on the cards.

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